Tips for trips

The road traffic rules in the Czech Republic are similar to the rules in other European countries. But it is necessary to remember below mentioned rules:

  • Vehicles keep to the right
  • All passengers has obligation to use safety belts whilst travelling
  • The maximum permitted speed in cities and villages is 50 km/h, outside is 90 km/h, and on the motorway 130 km/h
  • It is prohibited to drive under influence of alcohol
  • All year round lights must be turned on.

Emergency numbers

Fire department150


Have a look at czech parking signs:


Signs that allow parking

Prepaid Parking Parking Line Parking Automat for Coins Free Parking


Signs that prohibite parking


No Parking Handycapt Parking Reserve Parking Technics Pedastrian Zone


Blue Line NO PARKING!!! Blue Line 2 NO PARKING!! Crosses Crosses 2 Handycapt 2


Bus Parking Blue Line 3