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Kutná Hora

Kutná HoraMining of silver gave the town Kutna Hora economic and political significance. The town was the second important after Prague in the mid of 14th century. The architecture of Kutna Hora has its roots in various historical periods. Picturesque lanes and places create unforgettable impressions reminding the visitors of the Gothic and Baroque time. Because of the kind and number of historic monuments, UNESCO registered the town Kutna Hora as cultural monument in 1995.

Czech Museum of Silver - Hradek

Barborska 28, Kutna Hora;

 +420 327 512 159

Silver HrádekThis small urban castle, originally Gothic in style, was erected by a royal building master prior to 1420. The building currently serves as the Czech silver museum. Visitors can also see the medieval silver mine here.


daily except Monday
April and October: 9am - 5pm
May, June and September: 9am - 6pm
July – August: 10am - 6pm
December - March closed.


adults CZK 80-130
students CZK 30-80
English speaking guide CZK 400

Corpus Christi Chapel

Barborska, Kutna Hora

 +420 327 515 796-7

Corpus CristiThe ground floor of a Gothic site from the turn of the 14th and 15th century, which was originally designed to an ossuary, counts among the few buildings preserved as a whole from the era of late Gothic. There is a beautiful view out of the terrace.

Open daily:

November-February: 10am - 4pm
March and October: 10am - 5pm
April-September: 9am - 6pm


adults CZK 20
students CZK 10

Italian Court

Havlickovo namesti 552, Kutna Hora

+420 327 512 873;

Italian CourtThis cultural monument consists of an array of buildings dating back to the turn of the 14th century. It was also the temporary seat of Czech kings at the beginning of the 15th century. King Wenceslas IV stayed there frequently, and he had two floors and a chapel built in 1400. His royal palace was directly in the mint.

Open daily:

November-February 10am - 4pm
March and October 10am - 5pm
April-September 9am - 6pm
Last admission 30 min. before closing


adults CZK 70, students CZK 50
with own translation: adults CZK 50, students CZK 30

St. Barbara’s Cathedral

Barborska, Kutna Hora

+420 327 512 115

BarboraWork on this unique Gothic monument commenced in the late 14th century. The church’s interior contains a unique collection of late Gothic and Renaissance murals dating from the 15th century.


daily except Monday
November-March 10am - 12am, 1pm - 4pm
April and October 9am - 12am, 1pm - 4:30pm
May-September 9am - 6pm
Last admission 30 min. before closing


adults CZK 30
students CZK 15

St. Johnof Nepomuk Church

+420 327 515 796-7

Sv. NepomukThe plans for this Baroque church were drawn up by F.M. Kanka in 1734-1754 and the actual building was carried out by the famous K.I.Dientzenhofer. The front facade is decorated with the statues of St. Vojtech and St. Prokop.

Open daily:

April, June -October 10am - 5pm
May 9am - 5pm
November-March prior booking needed.


adults CZK 20, students CZK 10

Stone House

 +420 327 512 821

Stone houseOne of the most precious burgher houses from the 15th century in the Czech lands. Currently this richly decorated house serves as a museum with an exhibition portraying urban life from 17th to 19th centuries.


daily except Monday
April, October 9am - 5pm
May, June and September 9am - 6pm
July, August 10am - 6pm
November 10am-4pm.


adults CZK 40, students CZK 20
English speaking guide CZK 100


+420 327 512 378

for special tour in English +420 603 308 024

Alchemy MuseumThe world’s first museum dedicated to alchemy in all its aspects, is located in the Sankturinovsky House. The exhibition is divided into a basement Laboratory and Oratory in the Gothic Tower.

Open daily:

April-October 10am - 5pm
November-March 10am - 4pm


adults CZK 40
students CZK 25

Ossuary /The Bone Church

+420 327 561 143

The small church of All Saints built in the century is located in Sedlec on the cemetery in the vicinity of the grandiose Church of Our Lady. Decorated entirely with human bones. It is estimated that there might be remains of as many as 40 thousand people here.

Open daily:

November-March 9am - 12am, 1pm - 4pm
April-September 8am - 6pm
October 9am - 12am, 1pm - 5pm


adults CZK 35, students CZK 20

Tobacco Museum

Vitezna 1, Kutna Hora

+420 327 509 126

TabaccoHistory of tobacco and the cigarette-making factory in Kutná Hora including models, machinery and tools related to production, information about Philip Morris Company. Refectory of the former Cistercian monastery with a Santini chapel; on Tuesdays and Thursdays visits of the production.

Open Monday to Friday:

March-October 10am - 4pm
Visits of production on Tuesdays and Thursdays (booking needed).

Church of the Assumption of Our Lady

+420 327 561 143

Church of Assumption of Our LadyThis historic monument once belonged to the Cistercian Order, which founded its first monastery on Bohemian soil at Sedlec. It was the first French-style, cathedral-like structure display the distinctive hallmarks of an unique Central European Gothic style to be built on Bohemian soil.